Oh No! Ranvir misses meeting Ishani for the last time? #MATSH
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Intense drama, heart breaking romance and a mysterious murder, all these factors of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi have kept fans hooked. And the latest entry of lawyer Shikhar Merha is adding another dimension to the story. 

Last we saw Shikhar trying to convince Ishani to give up on her sacrifice and spill the beans on what actually happened at the murder scene. But being a strong-headed girl, Ishani didn’t budge and kept her wish to die for Ranvir. But before you think all is over, we hear Shikhar may have found a clue that can help him win this case! Yay! But what is this clue and how will it help Ishani? Do watch the episode to know more!

On the other hand, Ranvir is trying his best to make it to jail before Ishani is hung to death. When asked what her last wish is, Ishani expresses her desire to see Ranvir’s picture for the last time. Oh, it surely is going to break our hearts seeing her face reality. 

Ranvir, who is running against time to make it to the jail, is called at the last moment by Ritika who is experiencing pain in her pregnancy. Like a true gentleman Ranvir does make the u turn to be at Ritika’s side, but does this mean he will not meet Ishani for the last time? Or will Shikhar’s new clue help turn the situation around?

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