Oh no! Priyank upsets Salman Khan once again on Bigg Boss 11!
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  • October 29, 2017
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Priyank Sharma got evicted in the very first weekend of Bigg Boss 11 because of his wrong actions. Host Salman Khan furious over the whole matter and asked him to leave the house immediately, which was beyond one’s imagination.


pri 2



However Priyank was lucky enough to once again get a chance to enter the Bigg Boss house this week to work on his mistakes and prove himself. Before entering the house Bigg Boss warned Priyank not to reveal the housemates about the world or what other people think about each one of them, or what their opinions are, however he was free to give his opinion what he felt as a viewer.


pri 4



But Priyank just did the opposite. He said a few things about Arshi to the other housemates that made Arshi really hurt and upset. When he was clearly asked not to get personal with someone’s life.


pri 1



In the weekend episode Salman Khan showed his anger asking why he broke the rule that he wasn’t supposed to. Salman said even after being evicted the last time he should have known he wasn’t supposed to play a dirty game in the house.


Salman declared nobody is allowed to do personal attacks on someone in the house or the housemate will be immediately asked to leave!


Do watch Salman Khan giving some real lessons to the housemates tonight!



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