Oh No! Is Tejaswini the culprit behind the accident? #Udann
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What you read next may contain spoilers!

After having a change of heart on the discovery of her daughter, Tejaswini is conducting a puja at home to introduce her daughter Bhagya to the society. She, who has been living as a Devi all these years in the temple, is introduced as a normal girl in salwar kameez and we think it’s a refreshing change for her. Everyone from the village, including Chakor’s family and friends, Ishwar’s family and coach Arjun and his sister Kangan are invited by Tejaswini to the puja.

Seeing such a happy occasion is surely a treat for all Chakor’s fans! Happily all kids are performing the rituals and that’s when Bhagya passes the diya thali to Kangan, who notices the bangle on her wrist and get’s a horrible flashback. For all who don’t know, Arjun and his sister had met with an accident because of which she lost her ability to walk forever. At the scene of accident the only thing Kangan remembers is the bangle worn by the hit-and-run driver and when she notices the same bangle on Bhagya’s wrist, she freaks out! 

Before you think Bhagya is the culprit, let us tell you that the jewellery piece originally belongs to Tejaswini who gifted it to her daughter for this occasion. So does that mean Tejaswini was the driver that night? Well, Arjun immediately understands the situation and when he blames Kamal Narayan for hurting his sister, the latter shrugs off the blame.  Ishwar’s involvement makes the situation worse and we’re told that all this enrages Arjun to take a big step to seek justice for his sister.

But what is this big step? Is he going to harm Tejaswini to seek revenge? We hear Bhagya might even become the scapegoat in the situation! Poor girl! How do you think Chakor will help Bhagya come out unscathed? Tell us all that you love about this show in the comments below!

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