Oh No! Is Ranveer giving up on Ishani forever? #MATSH
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A lot has been happening in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi and after the other everyone is coming to know that Ishani is well and alive! Last we saw the Parikh family performing the roka ceremony of Devarsh and Krisha at Shikhar’s place. While Ishani watched from afar and tried to keep away from them, her emotions spoke of how much she misses her family.

And before she could get over the overwhelming experience, she gets caught when Baa returns to hand over the kangan she had brought for Krisha but forgot to gift. Baa rings the bell and when the door opens Ishani and Baa come face to face, letting the latter know that her granddaughter is alive!

Other than Baa, Chaitali, Devarsh, Ritika and Amba are well aware about her wellbeing but Ishani pleads Baa to not let Falguni know about the truth. The question arises is that will Baa keep mum about it or will she inform the entire family?

But what’s bothering us more is the fact that Ranveer is finally deciding to give up on Ishani! Yes, you read that right. Worrying too much about Ishani being alive, Ritika is under stress and that’s affecting the health of her unborn baby. Seeing her in so much pain, Ranveer decides to close the chapter of Ishani and the picture he keeps checking from time to time in the drawer, well he locks it. Forever. *in tears*

Meanwhile, even Shikhar accepts his feelings for Ishani and even informs his current girlfriend Sanaya about the same. We hear that when Sanaya gets to know from Shikhar, she doesn’t hesitate in placing a slap across his face. Ouch!

With so much happening in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss tonight’s episode at 10PM only on Colors!

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