Nupur Alankar joined Na Bole Tum-2 for Kunal!
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  • August 2, 2013
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Kunal Karan Kapoor aka Mohan aka Vasu of Na Bole Tum-2 has no dearth of fans as he has a steadily increasing number of admirers. But there is one fan that must definitely be close to his heart as she is none other than Nupur Alankar, who plays Ruku’s mother in Na Bole Tum-2. 

What is more surprising is that not only Nupur admires Kunal and his acting skills, she also lists him as one of the reasons that she agreed to be a part of the show. We have heard of actors take on shows for meaty roles, or the popularity of the show, but this is certainly a novel reason!

Nupur says, “I took on this role because I wanted to work with this production house but one more reason is that I have always admired Kunal as an actor and have been watching him for a very long time. I wanted to convey this admiration to him personally so I took up this chance of working with him.”

Not just Nupur, but even her family is included in the list of fans of Kunal and his show. Nupur adds, “My mother loves the show and has been watching it for a long time.”

So has Nupur managed to convey this heartfelt compliment to the actor? Nupur replies in the affirmative, saying that she complimented Kunal for his acting when they were shooting together.

We’re sure Kunal must be flattered to hear such praise coming from a veteran actress. In times of reports of actors not getting along on sets, such a mutual admiration society being formed on the Na Bole Tum-2 is indeed a happy exception! 

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