Not-So-Sweet Mithaiwalas in the Bigg Boss House! Synopsis, Episode 30
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While relations in the Bigg Boss house struggle to find their routes of peace after the nerve wracking open nominations, the contestants have a lot of things on their mind rather than think about who they need to target next. The now infamous captain of the Bigg Boss house, Ali, will get more powers than ever before that could prove to be either helpful or stressful for the contestants. However, the whole house will now need to be alert and on their feet with the new twist that Bigg Boss will bring to their lives today.

The luxury budget task for this week will be introduced which has aptly been named ‘BB Mithaiwala’. As a part of this task, the contestants will be divided into two teams – Diandra Sweets (Red Team) and Gautam Mithaiwala (Blue Team) who will compete against each other in a battle to showcase their cooking prowess and fulfilling the orders that have been placed by Bigg Boss. Ali is appointed as the quality check supervisor and is given the power to taste the items prepared by the contestants and choose the tastier dish. Both the teams are given raw materials and recipes by Bigg Boss and will be required to prepare the same dishes. Ali’s responsibility as the supervisor is to gauge the quality of the finished mithais prepared by both teams. Both winning and losing teams will get special prizes and punishments that will make their journey in Bigg Boss more intriguing.

While Diandra’s team includes Soni, Puneet, Upen, Minissha and Sushant, Gautam’s team includes Praneet, Aarya, Karishma, Sonali and Pritam. As the task kicks off, fights start to erupt. When calm finds its way back into the contestants’ lives, they are assigned mithai such as Jalebi and Kaju Katli that they have to make for Bigg Boss. By evening, as temperatures go soaring, Bigg Boss eases the pressure on the contestants and asks them to make a mithai of their own choice. While the teams get on with the task, it is a curious mix of emotion; anger and fun all the members of their respective team try to achieve the required goal in full zest as if their lives depend on it.

Today, the Boss house is no less than Chandni Chowk’s chaotic Mithai Corner. With stuff flying, disappearing, re-appearing, and people getting bullied, it feels like college life once more!

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