Nostalgia: Five Things We Miss About School #Udann
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“Those were the best days of our lives” – if anything makes complete justice to this line it would be those unforgettable memories from school that made our childhood so special. 

Well, it isn’t the same for little Chakor as she faced a tough time at school when she got ragged by Suraj and gang and under false implications is now expelled from school. Not everyone of us would have been able to handle what Chakor faced at school with such strong determination. Even after getting expelled from school she writes on her wall making it her classroom blackboard. Her longing to be back again among books and friends and unattained knowledge makes us nostalgic about our good old days in school!

Just like how Chakor longs to go back to her classroom, ever wondered what moments do you miss the most about school? Well, here our top 5 memories that makes us nostalgic every time we see Chakor make her way to school!

1.) School Uniform: When we think about our school days, the very first thing that flashes in our mind is the school uniform. Wearing the same combination of dress everyday urged us to find out the person behind the invention of school uniform and ask how would he/she feel if forced to wear the same dress every day? But surely, the feeling is not the same anymore. Now the school uniforms are usually found tucked in somewhere in the closet which we all secretly remove to remember those fun days!

2.) Punishment: Did you ever face the situation when you had to write the same sentence over and over again? Even in punishments kids usually find their way enjoy the ordeal making it a fun memory to remember for days to come!

3.) Playtime: Perhaps, the most cherished moments spent in school were on the playgrounds when it was lunch break or famously known as ‘Recess period.' Everyone rushed to the grounds to play like there is no tomorrow and in the last five minutes before the bell rang everyone rushed to finish their lunch boxes. The playground witnessed a lot of football matches, trees used as stumps for a cricket match and joyous moments of pure happiness. This one place was definitely paradise for the school kids!

4.) Annual Day Celebrations: Remember those Annual Day functions when unwillingly you ended up playing the role of a tree, or a rabbit?And even though you stood at the corner of the stage, away from the focus your parents cheered for you like you're a star! Those were some sweet memories which you still hear your mothers share with everyone!

5.) The Love For Last Benches: Even before getting up in the morning the first thought that crossed our minds was the absence of our teachers. And the day we were granted our wish, nothing delighted us more than seeing a substitute teacher entering the class. It was indeed an achievement wasn’t it? And more important task was to grab the last bench. It was like a priority to escape from the boring lectures and share some gossip with our friends. Oh, such a delight it was!

So, did this made you sit back and think about your school days? Do let us know about some of your fondest memories of school that makes you nostalgic every time you think about them in the comments below.

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