Nora’s Bigg Boss journey ends. How will this change Prince’s game?
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  • January 3, 2016
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Nora's small and sweet journey in the Bigg Boss house ended in a much shock as Salman Khan announced her eviction on Saturday itself. For the longest, housemates kept thinking if it was a joke. Unfortunately, it wasn't one of those 'fast ones' that Salman pulls on the housemates. 

Most shocked housemate was Prince with the whole proceedings. He could not fathom such an early exit for his lady love Nora. If you know Prince, you would know how much aligned his game is to Bigg Boss'. If you remember, Prince's closest friends, Kishwer, Suyyash, Keith and Rochelle were really upset with him when he was spending way more time with Nora than anyone else in the house. His brother Suyyash was really concerned about his game getting lost. 

So, now that the so called distraction in Prince's life is not there in the house anymore, will his game get fierce and strong? Three weeks down the finale, will Prince still think about friend's over the game?


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