Nominations set the Bigg Boss house on fire: Day 7, Synopsis
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Dinesh Lal Yadav is announced as the first evictee of Bigg Boss season 6 and all the housemates see him off as he leaves the house. The housemates are seen consoling and hugging each other as they are rather sad and upset about the Bhojpuri star’s exit from the house. 

The housemates were not over one shock, that Bigg Boss puts them in another predicament as he announces the commencement of the coming week’s nominations. All the housemates go inside the confession room and nominate two contestants each with the exception of Navjot Singh Sidhu who refuses to cast in his votes as he feels it is going against his principles. Bigg Boss warns Sidhu that if he doesn’t nominate anybody, he will be forced to punish him. Sidhu accepts his punishment willingly.

Introducing a twist in the tale, Bigg Boss announces Sidhu’s punishment – he nominates every housemate in the house for eviction! The minute the announcement is made; all the housemates are shell shocked. A few laugh, but most of them are upset & angry. Sidhu is seen completely fine with this harsh punishment. Soon the housemates split up in small groups and start discussing this unforeseen situation.  The housemates argue, discuss and eventually fall asleep in a disturbed state of mind. 

The next morning the arguments, discussions and repercussions of the nominations continue as the housemates discuss whether the punishment meted out is fair on everyone. The housemates take turns and explain their point of view to Sidhu & request him to consider nominating somebody and not make everyone else suffer. Vrijesh & Niketan play the biggest role in convincing Sidhu to nominate two housemates. Here, we see Urvashi and Rajeev get in to an argument as Urvashi blames Rajeev for having a fickle nature – one moment talking highly of Sidhu yet at the same time not respecting his decision to not nominate anyone. Finally, however, Sidhu gives in and nominates two people he wants evicted from the house. In the end, three housemates are nominated for next week’s eviction, allowing the other housemates to breath a sigh of relief. After that, a face off is announced between the nominated three, of whom the winner will be exempted from eviction.  

The face off keeps the housemates entertained, leaving the most deserving winner excited about being saved from eviction. After many ups and downs, the day ends on a high note as Bigg Boss sends in Karan Johar’s gift hamper for the housemates. Sapna Bhavnani is the most excited and literally jumps on Vrijesh and dances all around the house along with the other housemates, celebrating on receiving a ‘coffee’ from Karan – indeed a BIG luxury in the Bigg Boss house!


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