Nomination Special Dhamaka continues on Bigg Boss
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  • November 8, 2016
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Last night saw the introduction of a task where the contestants could save themselves from entering the final nominations for the week. The drill remains the same today. They need to successfully accomplish the task given out by Bigg Boss.


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Tonight we see how Manveer will be put in a spot by Manu and be asked to shave his beard for Manu to be safe from the nomination. Manu, who is nominated by Gaurav, is not quite happy with the friendships being put to test in this manner in the house. As for Manveer, we’ll have to see what will he choose between his macho beard and the task to prove- friendship testified!


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Up next on the throne, Rahul, who is nominated by Manveer, has to get a declaration signed by Navin to keep himself safe from the nominations. But this isn’t just another declaration, this one will state that Navin will not participate in any immunity task till the end of the season. Wow, sealing the deal with some serious feels!


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Rahul has nominated Karan on account of which he has to convince Lokesh, who is currently safe, has to announce her own nomination. Will Lokesh put her own safety at stake to save another contestant?


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This game seems to be picking intense tones. Dial into Bigg Boss tonight at 10.30PM, to check the score of friendship versus competition in the house. 

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