No stress or strain can deter their enthusiasm!
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There is not even an iota of doubt in the fact that team Challengers tried playing their task with full honesty. There wasn’t even a moment when the team members left the place unattended, physically or mentally, ensuring the alertness all the time. This was actually taking a toll over their health as Pritam felt sick after sitting at a stretch, also due to lack of sleep Ali complained of vertigo.


Despite all the fatigue, when the two men took turns to take naps and eat some food, Sambhavna had her Eagle’s eye on the task. So, inspite of Champions trying hard, they remained unsuccessful in stealing any of their steps. Oh no!

Monotony was creeping in with not much of activity happening when suddenly Dimpy and her team members started discussing on their 4 days remaining in the house and what were their individual plans on vacations and travelling. While Gautam admitted that he was dying to see his family and friends, Dimpy said she would go to Kolkata as soon as she would be out and KT said she was dying to party with her friends. Oops! Did she forget her Oopi would be waiting out too?


It was nice to see all of them planning their lives ahead. Ohh! This reminds me of me staying in touch with you for four more days until the next season! Sob, sob! *makes a long face*



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