No patch up for Kamya
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  • November 14, 2013
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  • 4:40 pm

Bigg Boss house has witnessed lot of emotional outbursts when the house mates have openly spoken about their personal problems. One such instance is Kamya Punjabi talking about her divorce on the show. And now very recently while talking to Andy, Kamya said that she can never get back with her husband ever.

This happened when Andy started discussing with her about this weeks eviction. Both of them were guessing who will be the one to leave the house this week. That’s when Kamya told Andy that she doesn’t want to go because it’s her wedding anniversary and if she is outside the house it will be difficult for her to handle and she might have a breakdown. Andy tried cheering her happy by saying that there are possibilities of patching up with her husband if she is outside. Kamya firmly replied that it’s too late now and there is no chance for the both of them to come together and be a couple again.

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