No family support for Kunal # Parichay: Weekly Recap- 5th March-11th March
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Last week in Parichay, for the first time in his life, Kunal compromised on his values and principles for the lure of money.

Veena overhears Kunal’s telephonic conversation about going to any length to earn lots of money, even if it means defending the accused. Veena tells Kunal that she had come to slap her son for becoming so money-minded, but now she doesn’t even want to talk to him.

Gaurav and Seema discuss about the irony of life citing Kunal’s example because Kunal was the one who had taught Gaurav to hold up to truth.

Outside the court Kunal bumps into Ansu Tai, the maid whose son was killed in the hit and run case. She pleads in front of Kunal and requests him not to fight the case for film star AK but Kunal pays a deaf ear to her beseech.

Kunal meets AK. He tells him that being AKs lawyer and to win the case, he needs to be AKs confidante and demands to know the truth. AK agrees and takes Kunal to a pub. AK very casually tells that on the night of the accident he was just drunk and was racing the car, when a waiter spills drink on his clothes by mistake. AK starts hurling abuses at him, while Kunal just observes and records everything.

When Kunal returns home, he is shocked to see the family waiting for him. Siddhi tells him that nobody wants his money and if Kunal doesn’t back off Veena will leave the house. Kunal tells everyone how important this case is for him when Veena storms out of the room and falls. She fractures her leg and instructs everyone not to let Kunal come in front of her.

Next day Siddhi shares her business plan of starting a catering service with the family and everybody gets thrilled about it. Veena looks at the menu and is impressed, but feels sad about the family’s situation and how proud she is of her two daughter-in-laws.

Kunal meets AK and asks about some of his medical reports prior to the accident. It is then revealed that AK was taking anti-depressants. Back home, Anokhi gets a mail from an ad agency demanding her pictures for a new campaign. She is offered 50 thousand rupees per day if she is selected and Anokhi agrees to do the campaign.

Siddhi gets her first order of hundred Lunch Boxes and the family rejoices. Later, a faceless figure talks about Anokhi Chopra’s pictures and the ad agency guy gives him the pictures.

When Kunal returns home, he goes to Veena’s room and finds her sleeping. Next day while leaving for work, Kunal tries talking to Veena but she ignores him. Anokhi gets a call that she has been selected and needs to reach the studios. Anokhi agrees. At AK’s office Kunal gets a call from Mukherjee’s Babu about his maid filing a complaint of physical abuse against his wife.  He says he has also gone to police station twice regarding this issue. When prodded further, AK reveals that he had killed people as he was driving under the influence of alcohol. But, there is no sign of remorse on his face.

 Anokhi leaves for the studio, and lies that she is going to her teacher’s place. At the studio the guy offers him some fruit juice. Anokhi drinks it and falls unconscious. The guy starts clicking her pictures when Seema calls her.

Will Kunal still fight this case? Will Siddhi support Kunal? What will happen to Anokhi? Find out in the next update!


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