Nihal gains consciousness!
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  • June 7, 2019
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This week on Shakti, we see Harak pleading to Preeto to open the door and let his sick brother in. She stands there still and doesn’t react to anything. The doctors have also given their answers of not being able to do much in Nihal’s case. Saumya, on the other hand, is upset as she thinks it is her fault. Harman consoles her and asks her to not worry. Nihal starts gaining consciousness and finds himself surrounded by people. What happens next?

Later, Nihal Singh is seen trying to walk out of the house. Shanno, however, wants him to stay just so his presence allows more drama in the house. She asks Saumya to make medicine from the churan given to them by swamiji. Saumya goes to get the medicine and ends up being sad about what she has done and even cries thinking about it. Harman comes there and handles her. What’s next in store for Saumya?

What happens next? Tune in to Shakti from Monday to Friday at 8 pm to know more. 

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