Next claimants for captaincy to be chosen tonight on Bigg Boss 11!
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  • December 15, 2017
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Time has come for the selection of the next captain in the Bigg Boss house.


Bigg Boss calls Arshi in the confession room and asks her to tell everyone in the house that there will be two members chosen amongst the four housemates from the winning team of the last luxury budget task and the kaarya sanchaalak Puneesh as the claimants for next captaincy.





Arshi is asked to discuss the same with her winning team and decide.


As Vikas, Shilpa, Luv and Arshi get into discussion Arshi says she needs this captaincy, however Vikas says Shilpa should be given a chance since she has never been a captain but Arshi denies. Luv says he wants to be a captain even if he leaves the Bigg Boss house this weekend. Shilpa on the other hand  says she wants to become the captain this time. Arshi says either she or Vikas will be the captain.





The debate goes on! Who will eventually win? Who you think deserves to be the next captain?

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