New man in Janhvi’s life! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 11th-17th September
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Shobha was unfazed even after her arrest and told Simar and Roli that she would let them in on a secret if they got her out of jail, but they refused. The family was very happy to know that Pari had delivered a baby, but Simar, Prem, Roli and Siddhant were a little upset about the arrest. Janhvi rushed to the police station, only to be fed a false story by Shobha, which angered Janhvi. (Watch the scene here)

It was a double shock for Janhvi as Prem refused to leave the Bharadwaj house with her, and she blamed Sujata for all her troubles. While the Bharadwaj family was getting ready to go for Ganpati visarjan, Janhvi vowed to kill Sujata to take revenge against the family. (Watch the scene here)

She handed Shobha a phone to let her keep track of her and went to the visarjan venue. 

Shobha called Simar and Roli to the police station and once they promised to get her out of jail, she told them the truth, in addition to the information that Janhvi was going to kill Sujata. 

Meanwhile, Janhvi trapped Sujata in the house and pulled the gun on her, and Simar and Roli looked for her. Sujata was terrified and fought with Janhvi, but couldn’t get her to back off. Simar, Roli and the family reached just in time and revealed that Sujata was actually Janhvi’s mother!

Janhvi refused to believe them, but Simar and Roli showed her the video that they had recorded of Shobha’s confession, but Janhvi still hated Sujata and declared that she still hated her. (Watch the scene here)

 Janhvi also wanted to rush to Shobha when she heard that she was released, but the whole family went with her to show her Shobha’s truth. Shobha met Shakti, and the duo was confronted by Simar, Roli and the rest of the Bharadwaj family. Shobha spilled the beans about her plans, which Janhvi was shocked to hear, and Shobha was taken away by the police. (Watch the scene here)

Janhvi was ashamed of her behaviour but Siddhant, Prem and Sujata convinced her that she was not at fault and took her home, where she was welcomed heartily with an aarti and cake. (Watch the scene here)

The next day, Janhvi encountered a violent and rude patient, Shaurya Singhania, who refused to be treated by the nurses. She sternly warned him and got to do her bidding, which he hated. (Watch the scene here)

Will Janhvi be a part of the Bharadwaj family naturally now? And how will Shaurya’s entry change Janhvi’s life? 

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