New entry Dhara to save Aarvi in Sanskaar!
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  • October 11, 2013
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After Bhoomi’s accidental death, Sanskaar-2 has taken a leap of four years, in which a lot has changed but some things have remained the same. Jai is the same heartbroken man that he was after Bhoomi’s death, while the family has managed to move on in bits and pieces.


In this situation, there is going to be a new entry in the form of Dhara, who will come into the lives of the Vaishnav family. Dhara is a young, spirited and simple girl and she will get caught in the middle of the Vaishnav family’s battle for their ancestral property. 


If this character sounds interesting, even more interesting is the way in which she enters the show. The enemies of the Vaishnav family will kidnap Aarvi and hold her to ransom, but Dhara will jump in and save the day for the little girl. This will be her first introduction to the Vaishnav family. 


Further, Dhara will also inadvertently become a part of the ongoing feud between the Vaishnavs and the Thakkars, so it will be interesting to see how she deals with these situations. 


Actress Tejaswi Wayangankar will be seen playing the role of Dhara, and has already started shooting for the show. So don’t miss Dhara’s action-packed entry in Sanskaar-2!

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