New challenges for Vidya!
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  • November 28, 2019
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  • 1:18 pm

On Vidya in the next couple of days, some men in the market area taunt Vidya for what she did to Vivek. Unable to hear all of that, Vidya ends up slapping one of the men. Vivek’s mom teases Vivek about being in love with Vidya, however, he denies all of this tells her that they’re just friends. Later, Dharma faints in the house and they all take him to the hospital. The doctor asks them to arrange money and, in some time, Vivek’s mother arrives with money to helps Vidya and her family. Vidya goes to meet Vivek and while the duo while talking, Vivek checks his phone and he gets to know that all his recordings of Children’s Day against Nanku have been deleted by the inspector.

Back in the hospital, Vidya learns a shocking truth about Dharma. She also overhears him telling everyone that he would want Vidya to remarry and start living a happy life one again. What made Dharma say this? How will Vidya react to this?

In the meantime, Vivek has been discharged from the hospital and decides to visit the temple. At the temple, he bumps into Vidya who informs him about her second marriage. Vivek is both, shocked and heartbroken and wonders about how he will express his feelings to Vidya? TO find out more, tune in to Vidya from Monday – Saturday at 7 pm sharp!


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