Navika’s sting impresses Mohan, but stuns Beera: Na Bole Tum-2 Weekly Recap 20th-26th Feb
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Last week, after getting caught using Daddaji’s PC, Navika was taken to Beera, but missed getting caught because of Mohan’s instructions on call and Beera’s blind trust. While dropping Navika to Indore, Beera’s bike stalled on the road, forcing Navika to get into a bus. As she was leaving, she saw Beera burn down his bike for letting him down, and got scared about breaking his trust. Back in office, Mohan yelled at Navika for risking his life just to earn a name for herself. Realizing that he didn’t know her name yet, he asked her, and was dumbfounded when she said ‘Navika’, but he didn’t recognize her as his Nanhi.

Rimjhim had to return home when she fought with some girls teasing her about her mother. Megha, hearing about the fight, visited Rimjhim at her place, sending Guru into panic mode as Mohan, too was on his way home. Megha took care of Rimjhim till her fever abated, and asked for Rimjhim’s mother’s number so she could inform her. But she was shocked and upset when she found out that Rimjhim had no mother.

Mohan missed meeting Megha as she had already left but thanked her by a message for taking care of Rimjhim. On the other hand, Navika started the telecast of her sting operation, just in time for Daddaji to reach the party office to collect his election ticket. When he reached there, he was in for a rude shock as he saw all his illegal activities being exposed on TV. Angry at being denied the election ticket, he slapped Beera in front of everyone and left in a huff. 

When Navika got home, she found that Megha was crying as Rimjhim reminded her of Addu. She assured her that she would find Addu soon after joining Project Talaash. When Rimjhim woke up, she begged Mohan to go back to Bhopal as she didn’t like Indore. After failing to console her, he decided to leave Indore as he couldn’t afford to hurt Rimjhim. 

On the other hand, Beera had to bear insults and a thrashing from Daddaji for trusting Navika, but still went to meet Navika to fulfil his promise. Navika, inspite of being warned by Ragini not to meet Beera, met him, and asked him to differentiate between right and wrong and stop working for Daddaji.  

Megha wanted Rimjhim to be Kanha in the Annual Day performance, but her students informed her that she Rimjhim was going to leave school. Megha then promised Mohan on text that she would make Rimjhim change her decision. Beera packed his bags to leave Daddaji’s place after deciding not to side with Daddaji’s wrongdoings any more. But Daddaji’s men stopped him and when he refused, they beat him up. As a car honked to get their attention, Daddaji’s goons looked up to se Mohan standing in front of them.

With Project Talaash’s progress, it will be interesting to see if Mohan leaves Indore or Megha manages to make Rimjhim stay back.


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