Navika reaches out to her Spiderman: Na Bole Tum-2 Weekly Recap 20th-26th March
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After Beera’s lecture to her, Navika finally realized that she was wrong about Mohan and decided to get the family back together. The next day, Mohan apologized to Guru about his drunken antics and told him how he had broken off all relations with Megha and Nanhi. (Watch Mohan talks to Guru)

Mohan had a hard time apologizing to Rimjhim, as she demanded a new mother to complete their family, leaving Mohan shocked! (Watch the cute scene here)

Navika was nervous about facing Mohan but Beera cheered her up and they left for office. She boosted everyone’s morale about restarting Project Talaash after all the files were burned, but was shocked when Mohan referred to her as Miss Vyas, keeping his promise of ending all relations with her (Watch the scene here)

Back home, Megha rejected all of Bela Jiji’s requests to give Mohan another chance and vowed not to think about him. 

At Mohan’s house, Munna came dressed as a Science tutor for Rimjhim and tried to get information about her family, finally thinking to himself that Rimjhim’s name, too, would be added to the list of missing persons. 

Mohan sent Navika to the hospital to take the injured guard’s statement and went to the police station for clues, and had an encounter with Megha which left both of them shaken (Watch the emotional scene here).Megha then came to Rimjhim’s house with toys, and told Munna how special Rimjhim was, making him think that Megha was Rimjhim’s mother. Later, Megha and Rimjhim sweetly consoled each other about losing their loved ones. (Watch Megha and Rimjhim bond here)

On the other hand, Munna revealed to Ragini that he was Addu’s friend, and that he would make Mohan pay for treating Addu badly. (Watch Munna’s revelation here)

When Mohan yelled at Navika for failing at taking the guard’s statement, Navika yelled right back at him for not giving his Nanhi another chance. (Watch Navika-Mohan’s confrontation here)

Just then , Munna called Mohan to tell him that Rimjhim had been kidnapped, making Mohan run home in a panic, only to find Rimjhim safe in her room (Watch as Mohan runs to save Rimjhim)

On the other hand, Megha was shocked when Navika suggested that she give Mohan another chance, and reminded her about Addu’s disappearance. (Watch Megha and Navika’s fight here

Mohan, spurred on by Munna’s threats, upped the ante on the kidnapping racket, and with the help of the kidnappers’ photographs that Navika had clicked, managed to get one of the kidnappers arrested, which made Daddaji and Munna very angry. 

Navika tried to remind Mohan of happier times by offering him ice-cream in a park. Mohan was emotional at first, but then walked away, leaving Navika heartbroken. (Watch the touching scene here)

Mohan seems to be melting under Navika’s efforts for reconciliation. Will this Holi bring a new turn in their relationship? Watch a sneak peek here.

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