Navika and Beera find love! Na Bole Tum-2 Recap 22nd- 28th May
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While Mohan was talking to Munna, Addu saw a picture of Gol Bazaar and got agitated. Mohan asked Munna about the place but Munna claimed not to know anything. Mohan decided to check out Gol Bazaar with Addu and Munna, and succeeded in rescuing several kidnapped children. (Watch as Project Talaash gets its first success)

Daddaji was livid as he saw Munna helping Mohan in the news. 

Megha was very happy to hear the news of the rescue which happened because of Addu, and Mohan and Megha relived their dream of living together in the future. (Watch the beautiful moment here

After Beera told Navika about his impending wedding, Navika consulted Megha and Mohan about true love, and they told her that true love is the one that endures. 

Suddenly, Addu started yelling, and when the family rushed to him, they found a bloodied pair of scissors with him, but surprisingly Addu wasn’t injured.

The next day, Navika rushed to Beera and insisted that he couldn’t marry Sweety because she loved him! Beera was happy that she finally realized her love for him but rejected her love by saying that he had fallen out of love, leaving Navika broken hearted. (Watch the shocking development here)

Back in the house, Megha and Mohan were shocked when Addu happily chomped on ‘sabudana wadas’ that he was allergic to, which caused Renu to remark if he really was Addu.

Munna convinced Ragini that he was not on Mohan’s side and would clear things out with Daddaji soon. After being ruthlessly rejected by him, she went to Mohan who asked her not to give up, without knowing what the matter was. 

Taking Mohan’s advice a tad too seriously, Navika went on a blindfold bike ride, guided only by Beera’s instructions, to show that she trusted him with her life. After a lot of chasing, Beera finally saved her and grudgingly accepted the fact that he couldn’t live without her. (Watch the thrilling moment here)

After coming back home, Beera asked Addu to call him ‘Jiju’, and later, in a discussion about Navika’s wedding, flirted with each other in front of the family. Mohan, took Addu’s medical files from Megha to check up on him. 

His worries increased as Addu drew a picture of a funeral pyre when asked to draw his mother. Mohan rushed to the family doctor who told him that the boy’s blood group did not match that of Addu. Mohan then checked with the asylum doctor who revealed that Addu never had any allergies. (Watch as Mohan gets the shocking news)

Beera and Navika were immersed in their love, and after vowing to love each other in the temple, Navika surprised Beera by gifting him a bike, which Beera accepted on Navika’s insistence. (Click here to watch the romantic couple)

Megha was left confused when Addu showed no interest in their old family pictures and called out Bela Jiji as ‘Amma’, at the same time that Mohan came to the conclusion that the boy was not Addu.

Will this revelation change the course of Megha and Mohan’s life? And how will Navika and Beera’s love affect the family? 

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