Nani tricks Zoya again?
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This week on Bepannaah, we see the Hooda and Siddhique family celebrating Navratri. It’s also Waseem birthday. When Zoya goes to wish him, he ignores her which makes Zoya very upset. Zoya goes to the restroom to freshen up and the same girl who Nani has plotted against her and Aditya gives tissue to Zoya. In the meantime, Aditya meets Noor and tell her how she’s being unsupportive of Zoya and his marriage. Also, that Zoya would have been much more supportive and even tried to convince Waseem had Noor been in the same spot. Going forward, the girl plotted by Nani tries to get close to Aditya and she eventually accuses Aditya of misbehaving with her. Zoya then steps ahead and slaps that girl and clears the allegations which were made on Aditya.






Zoya reaches the same building where Nani stays and starts walking upstairs. She hears the sound from the door at one point when Nani throws a vase. Zoya is now standing outside the house and was just about to catch Nani when someone comes there and breaks the light and takes of Nani from there. Zoya follows Nani and in that chase, Nani falls down and Zoya was about to catch her, but the same silhouette saves Nani. Nani gets pissed off and decides that she will create more problems in Zoya's life. What’s Nani's plan going forward? Will Zoya tackle her with her smartness or will she fall prey to her threats? Find out more on Bepannaah from Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm.






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