Nani and Rajveer challenge Zoya!
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This week on Bepannaah, in the chaotic mela, Zoya gets shocked on seeing Aditya. While she is standing with Rajveer, he plans on taking advantage of the this and starts creating a difference between Aditya and Zoya. Aditya sees the divorce papers signed by Zoya in her hand and is absolutely stunned! Zoya tries to explain but Aditya leaves without paying any heed. Rajveer and Nani together challenge Zoya that they will destroy the Hooda’s along with her to which Zoya retaliates and takes a stand against it.

Back in the Hooda house, Anjana starts pouring kerosene on herself and confesses to everyone that she is responsible for Yash and Pooja's accident. On hearing this, Aditya is both, broken and shocked! Seeing Anjana’s condition, Aditya forgives her but Zoya overhears everything. Zoya starts ranting in front of the family and to end the argument, she leaves from there!




Nani tells Rajveer that Zoya is very strong and determined and that she will surely do something to save her family. Aditya and Anjana, on the other hand, decide to leave the city before she gets caught but Harsh and Arjun try to stop them and make them understand. Going forward, Everyone is surprised when they see Zoya walking into the house with the cops. What happens next?


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