Nanhi left shocked on seeing Mohan (Weekly Review: 23rd-29th Jan)
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This week saw Megha, Mohan and Nanhi crossing paths many a times, with Nanhi finally seeing Mohan.

The first instance happened when a guy on a bike carrying a TV crashed into Nanhi’s scooter just as she was leaving her office. While Nanhi was fighting with the guy (Beera), Mohan, who was going to the Awaaz India office, picked her scooter up and left before Nanhi could thank him.

Last week we saw that Mohan came to Indore to investigate the story of Raghu, the boy who went missing from Indore station. In Awaaz India’s office, Mohan saw Nanhi’s story on the same and suspected that Raghu’s father was lying and went in search of him. On the way, he passed ‘Juna Mohalla’ and became nostalgic, but left before Megha could see him. After reaching Raghu’s home, he discovered that the family had left forever, making him suspicious.

Mohan apologized to Rimjhim for leaving abruptly but called her to Indore on the promise that she would get a Kathak teacher there. In Vyas house, Nanhi broke down in front of Megha in Addu’s memory but calmed down when Megha consoled her.

Later, Renu taunted Megha to get a job and support the family instead of being a burden and Megha decided to work as a Kathak teacher.

Mohan, after convincing Rimjhim to come to Indore, asked Anupama to search for a large house and a school with a Kathak teacher if she wanted him to join Awaaz India. Mohan then went to the Awaaz India office and told Anupama that he would accept the position of Editor-in-Chief only if he was allowed to do a show on a scam in Indore, which Anupama agreed for.

Nanhi once again crashed into Beera after both of them were leaving from the temple, and had another argument with him, during which Beera revealed his face for the first time. Once Nanhi reached office, she was instructed to decorate Mohan’s office, which Nanhi did after consulting Megha.

Rimjhim came to the Awaaz India office to surprise Mohan, but ended up fighting with Nanhi for sitting on Mohan’s chair. Mohan came and met Rimjhim and then went to the school to arrange for her Kathak teacher.

Mohan ended up at the same school where Megha had applied for a job but both of them missed seeing each other. On his way back, Mohan saw Raghu’s father on a signal and chased him, only to lose track of him. Mohan wasn’t ready to give up, so he called up Anupama and asked her to send Nanhi as she had worked on the story.  Just as Nanhi was congratulating Megha on her new job, she was called by Anupama to accompany Mohan to Raghu’s house.

On her way, Nanhi was delayed by Beera, which caused Mohan to get angrier by the minute.When Nanhi finally reached, she recognized Mohan’s voice saying ‘Arey Yaar!’ and turned around to find Mohan standing in front of her. Nanhi was shell-shocked to see him after 12 years but couldn’t confront him as she was still reeling from the shock.

On the other hand, Mohan left to follow Raghu’s father, who was dragged away by some goons. Anupama was left to defend why Nanhi didn’t turn up, while Nanhi wandered the streets of Indore, still shocked.

She then went to the temple to pray that Mohan never comes in front of Megha. Beera, who was already present there, saw her for the first time without her face covered and was attracted to her, not knowing that she’s the same girl that he has fought with.

Nanhi obviously doesn’t want Megha and Mohan to meet, but with both of them in Indore, it is only a matter of time before their paths cross again. 

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