Nanhi and Megha join forces with Mohan! Na Bole Tum-2 Recap 3rd- 9th June
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Mohan was arrested and taken to the police station despite Megha’s pleas, where he refused to reveal who had conspired against him, because of which he was imprisoned. Mohan ensured that Rimjhim didn’t find out about his arrest, and asked her to stay with Megha. Megha was upset about Mohan’s arrest but Mohan asked Megha to stay strong for the battle ahead. (Watch as Mohan consoles Megha)

When Megha was leaving, she encountered Addu, who was leading a protest for the shut down of Project Talaash. Megha confronted Addu and challenged him that she would be with Mohan every step of the way. But when Addu told her that he would not rest till till Mohan was destroyed, she recognized him as the taxi driver who had kidnapped her in Jhansi, and slapped him! (Watch as Megha slaps Addu)

Megha found out that he was not exposing Addu to save himself, and Mohan had to console an upset Megha by telling her that he was doing the right thing.

Beera, while on their honeymoon, dreamt that Nanhi had forgiven him, but just as he decided to tell her the truth, Daddaji barged in, and informed Beera of Mohan’s arrest. He also blackmailed Beera to complete his plan of dumping Nanhi, if he wanted Mohan’s freedom. (Watch Beera’s dilemma here)

Addu came to the police station dressed as a chaiwala and taunted Mohan about being in jail. Mohan asked him again to forget everything and come home, but Addu refused. (Watch Addu and Mohan’s conversation here)

After asking the Awaaz India Live staff to help get Mohan’s freedom, Tanu and Megha came to Munna’s house to get him to testify in favour of Mohan. While Munna greeted them happily, his grandmother refused to help her. 

Beera called Megha to check up on her, and when Megha hinted that chances of Mohan getting bail were slim, Beera decided to do something on his own. 

Megha visited Mohan in jail with his lunch, and the couple fed each other lovingly. But this happiness was disturbed by the news that Mohan’s bail plea had been rejected. (Click here to watch the scene)

Addu taunted Megha about him avenging all his slaps, and Megha retaliated that she felt sorry for the mother who had given birth to a son like him, and reiterated that Mohan would win in the end.

Nanhi arranged a surprise for Beera, but Beera in turn shocked her by telling her that Mohan was right about his plan of dumping her, and now that the wedding was done with, he was completing his plan, and leaving her. (Watch as Beera’s U-turn shocks Nanhi)

Beera returned home, and had a confrontation with Addu about Mohan’s bail. While Beera wanted Daddaji to deliver on his promise, Addu insisted that Mohan would stay in jail. 

Addu came to the police station and tried to trouble Mohan by calling Nanhi, but Mohan grabbed him and warned him not to involve Nanhi or Megha, or he would forget their relation.

On the other hand, Nanhi tried telling Megha about Beera’s reality, but was shocked when she found out about Mohan’s situation, and decided not to tell Megha her problems. Nanhi went to Beera’s place and told him that her family was together in troubled times and that they would win this battle against Daddaji and Beera. After this, she also went to the police station and met Mohan and Megha, and the three of them promised to be together and get Mohan out of the situation. (Watch as the family comes together)

With Mohan’s family on his side, will Addu manage to destroy Mohan as planned? Or will Beera’s actions weaken Mohan enough for him to give up?

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