Naaz Gets Jealous Of Nehmat
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  • September 19, 2022
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The episode starts with Rupy showing the cycle to Naaz. Naaz says it’s not my birthday. Tejo says it’s fine, we will celebrate your real birthday when it comes. Fateh asks Naaz to ride the cycle, and not get scared. Naaz says but if mumma comes, then she will scold me that I asked for it. She thinks of Jasmin’s words. Fateh says no, you didn’t ask, we got this for you. Tejo says I will get anything you want. At the school, Naaz tells Nehmat about her cycle. She says we will go tomorrow and ride the cycle. Mallika says no, Nehmat and I have a lego competition. Meanwhile, Fateh says we should do something for Naaz, else she might choose a wrong path to get love and attention, we have to end her insecurities and create self confidence in her, we are her family. She says yes, I will talk to mum and dad, why don’t we keep her here, we will give her life and love like Nehmat, maybe she behaves like normal kids. He says brilliant idea, we can adopt her. She says that’s a brilliant idea. He jokes. He asks will you forget me now. She says no, you fold the clothes. He says we will go to Nehmat and ask what she thinks about it. Fateh, Tejo and Nehmat come to some playground and are seeing enjoying their time so Fateh decides to not speak about adoption right now since it was a play day for Nehmat and Naaz. While Naaz and Nehmat have come to ride their respective cycles, Tejo decides to give them ice cream where makes a reason to see Nehmat’s cycle since she feels Nehmat is lucky and she is not. In such jealousy, Naaz on purpose hits the new cycle with a stone.

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