Mystery woman invades Prem and Simar’s reunion!
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  • November 12, 2014
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Simar has once again failed destiny’s cruel plans and saved her Prem from all harm. Last we saw how she found Prem locked in a box which was dug under the earth. With the divine intervention of Matarani, the Bharadwaj family and Simar were able to save Prem at the right time.

And celebrating this joyous moment and return of the Ram-Sita of Bharadwaj family, everyone will be seen dancing to the occasion. Roli and Sid prepare a special dance on ‘Wah Wah Ramji’ and everyone joins in to celebrate Prem and Simar’s reunion. But a huge twist is going to put a full stop to all celebrations!

The mysterious lady, who was last around Prem’s box, is touted to enter the party and cause disruption. One by one all guests and family members will fall unconscious as the mysterious lady as has some evil plans to trap Simar and Prem. While Prem will try to save the situation but she seems to have her eyes on Simar. Our sources suggest that by hurting Prem, the lady plans to attack Simar. We’ve also heard that in all the chaos the lady might even try to take Simar away! 

Who could this mysterious lady be and what could she possibly get from separating Simar and Prem? Is it someone that the couple knows very well or is she a new enemy?

Keep watching this space to get all the latest updates! 

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