My wife completes me: Ajay Chaudhary #Uttaran
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Q. Tell us some back story about your character Vishnu?

A. The real Vishnu, as I am known in the show, works in an NGO and has been taught by Ichcha in his childhood while serving term in Satara Jail. He calls her Teacherji and owes his life to her. When he hears that someone from her family had come to meet him, he rushes to the given address only to find out that his Teacherji’s daughter is getting married. He is unaware about this other “fake” Vishnu and doesn’t know his name is being used in such a manner.

Q. Will there be a face-off between you and Akash?

A. As of now, no. Vishnu is sent back from the wedding and the producers have decided to give me an entry later. 

Q. Will there be a romantic angle between you and Mukta?

A. Can’t really say. Maybe, maybe not but I will not deny that there is a possibility of that. It’s all in the hands of the writers.

Q. How was your experience in working with Uttaran?

A. My experience on the first day on sets was wonderful. I have worked with Rupali Guha before, who is the producer of this show. She had directed me in a movie earlier and I have always asked her to take me in one of her serials. Finally, she gave me this role in Uttaran and I am really enjoying the character. 

Q. Did you enjoy working with the cast and crew?

A. When I went on my first day to shoot I didn’t feel out of place at all! The show has been running for four years now so the cast is organised and they were very warm with me. They welcomed with open arms and it hardly took me any time to gel with them. I hadn’t even worked with anyone before but still had so much fun with them.

Q. You recently got married to Jyoti Makkar, what are your plans for Valentines? This would be your first Valentine after marriage.

A. Yes, I recently got married to Jyoti. We have known each other for past 4-5 years and I am very happy to have tied the knot with her. As about plans for Valentines, I am so busy with back to back shoots that I am also confused what to do. I really wish to go out of town somewhere considering we haven’t been on our honeymoon yet but with so much work it’s getting a little difficult to manage. But surely, I will plan something good and take her out some place nice.

Q. What would you like to gift Jyoti?

A. I am really not good at planning! (chuckles) But I have always bought her gifts which I knew she would like so am not really worried about it.

Q. If you had to dedicate a song to her, which one would it be?

A. One song I would like to dedicate to Jyoti would be…Saans mein teri saans from Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Q. Any message you would like to give to Jyoti for Valentine?

A. From the time Jyoti has come into my life, everything unplanned has also worked well for me. With her, she brought in a lot of positivity and it’s like she completes me. So I would like to thank her for coming into my life and giving it a meaning.


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