My family is excited about my debut: Preetika
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The highlight of Colors’ latest offering, Beintehaa, is the chemistry between the lead pair Zain and Aliya. The part-attraction and mostly hate filled equation between the couple has gotten us interested, so we catch up with one half of the Beintehaa pair, Preetika (Aliya) for an interview.

Q: What are the reactions you are getting for Beintehaa in the first two weeks?

Preetika: It's been an amazing ride, I have been receiving loads of love from all over the world. In fact I have heard that currently Beintehaa is on number 1 position in the UK, which is great. I feel really privileged to get so much love so early into the show!

Q: How do you see Aliya as a character? How similar/ different are you from her?

Preetika: Alia is a tomboy, whereas I’m quite composed in real life. I am fun loving though like her, but definitely more composed than her.

Q: What did you do to prepare for the role?

Preetika: No, I didn’t prepare too much because I feel it’s best that Aliya should comes from within and be a part of me. I totally follow my director’s word, and believe in the story of Beintehaa, which offers an amazing story line.

Q: Coming from a background of films, what difference do you find in working for films and for TV?

Preetika: The effort is the same, whether it’s films or television. You have to put in a lot of effort in terms of concentration and perfection.

Q: What are the reactions you got from your friends and family?

Preetika: Oh my family is extremely happy for me, and my friends from all over are really appreciating me and the show. Both family and friends seem more excited about my tele-debut than I am! 

Q: Tell us something about your relationship with your co-stars…

Preetika: All my co-stars are really sweet and co-operative. Coincidently Harshad and me were chosen as main leads for another television show by a popular production house. The show was getting delayed and then suddenly Beintehaa happened! He is a very cooperative co-actor, and hopefully our on-screen chemistry should work out well.

Q: Anything you’d like to tell your fans? 

Preetika: It's just the beginning, and we definitely have much more to offer. And I believe they have shown immense amount of support and love for us. So all I’ll like to say is keep loving us and do believe in us! 

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