Must read: Things you can expect to see in ‘Chandrakanta’
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A thrilling experience is guaranteed from the very first episode of Chandrakanta. The story with unique characters from a different era will keep you engrossed thoroughly just to know what would happen next!


The show has a variety and gives different flavor moment to moment.






We bring you list of things that you can definitely expect from the show –


Drama – With so many characters involved in the story, once can surely expect to see dramatic sequences having variety of expressions, reactions and emotions contained.


Romance – With prince Veerendra and princess Chandrakanta, who are unique in their individualities the curiosity to look forward to their chemistry is quite obvious.


Action – The story is of two kingdoms sharing an animosity towards each other. One would always try to defeat and conquer the other in every way possible. Action naturally becomes the part of it.





Thrill & Suspense – As and when the story would start unfolding one would get to see moments between the characters that will keep everyone in suspense not knowing exactly what’s going to happen in the next instance.


Magic & Wizardry – Who doesn’t love getting amused to see a magic? Wouldn’t it be intriguing to watch the characters doing some spell work and mysterious tricks to create illusions? Yes, that’s the core part of the story and that’s going to make it all the more exciting.







Adventure – The story moving from one sequence to another will make it totally captivating. It would take us on an adventurous journey, something that one would only imagine in dreams.


Hope the above things suffice the reason one should not miss on ‘Chandrakanta’.


Chandrakanta starts on 24th June, 8 PM onwards!

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