Must read: Some more about tonight’s debate in the Bigg Boss house!
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The housemates would be openly seen discussing about each other’s weaknesses and will utilize this opportunity to tell everything which they may not have said before.  With the semi finale week it becomes quite obvious that each one is trying to secure their place in the Bigg Boss house.





When its Luv’s turn, Vikas goes on to say that Luv doesn’t know when to speak what to speak and that he often overreacts on matters very soon. Shilpa seconds his opinion. Luv says that there was a time when he used avoid reacting and then people degraded him and now when he has started standing up for himself then they are having issues.





Hina in her statement says how Luv played against his own friends and suddenly brought the topic of being a commoner in the 14th week. Hina asks how come his confidence level dropped all of a sudden! To which Luv clarifies saying that he is confident and not over confident. Hina says Luv has disappointed his fans with his recent activities.





Then comes Vikas, Puneesh tells how he has been declared a mastermind in the house however Vikas is weak from within. Akash showing his anguish says that once when he was in jail Vikas tried talking against him with others which could malign his career. Vikas listening to this gets into a verbal fight with Akash but Puneesh comes up as a strong support for Akash.





Next comes Shilpa, Akash starts by saying how she always considers herself great but she is actually over confident. He also says that Shilpa feels that since she is a known face the audience will keep saving her. Vikas complains to Shilpa about something which he always felt ever since the beginning, it is that Shilpa never involves herself much in tasks. He goes on to say that either she doesn’t like doing tasks or she is over confident about things. Shilpa in her response says “Main hamesha akeli khelti hun…….aur logon ne mera istamaal kiya hai” (I always play alone and people have used me).





When Hina puts blame on Shilpa the latter says that she should be in the kitchen for 2 days and then she will realize things. Hina says she hasn’t come to be in the kitchen but to play the game and excel in several other things. What’s Shilpa’s reaction to it?





Wouldn’t you want to know what happens at the end of their debate?


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