Must Read: Manish Speaks His Heart Out #SSK
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It was a treat and a sigh of relief to all his fans when he returned to the much loved show on Colors, Sasural Simar Ka. We are talking about none other than the very talented Manish Raisinghani a.k.a Siddhant. He makes a comeback to the show in a totally new character and a new look and we just had to find out all about it! As cool as he is, Manish had a very interesting chat with us. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Q. For such a long time you played the much loved romantic man in Rolis life and now suddenly a completely opposite character called Aryan? How different is this going to be for you?

A. (giggles) Well, yes a long time indeed since I got out of the monotonous romantic charming boy of TV and got back into the same shoes in which I started off. Siddhant entered the show as a terror and then Roli's love transformed him and a big thank you to all the lovely and loyal fans for their immense love. To be very honest somewhere down the line I did miss playing the negative character and playing Aryan is a break I was looking for at I can say it has come at the right time.





Q. Tell us the reaction of your co-stars when they got to know you're playing  Aryan. What do they have to say about the new look and the character?

A. Oh, the look has been loved by Avika, Dheeraj and the rest of the actors. They have been a big help and I would say the real beauty about the show is the team. They are so supportive and so helping in every way that they tell me in between the shot if I am going wrong or over doing it, you know. It is a learning process every time we are at the shoot.




Q. What is Aryan doing in the current plot? Where is the story going in the new twist?

A. There is a lot in store for the fans of Sasural Simar Ka as Aryan is a killing machine and is controlled by RB. I can’t reveal a lot to you because I do not want to kill the suspense, but yes a lot of thrill which will give you all the chills is coming your way!




Q. Which character do you relate to more, Aryan Or Siddhant?

A. It has to be Siddhant without a doubt. Siddhant is my favorite and I love that guy (laughs). Siddhant, as a character, has many shades ranging from a romantic guy to an angry young man. Aryan is slow, controlled and robotic. I don’t like to be controlled.




Q. How important do you think leaps are in a daily soap?

A. Thank you for asking me this, Sasural Simar Ka is the best example which proves that a show can do well without taking generation leaps. A regular leap is like a break from the monotony and which is easy to accept and something new for the actors and the viewers as well.




Q. Are we going to see Roli-Sid back again any time soon?

A. I don’t know what to say. I really hope it happens and happens very soon too. As of now I am concentrating on Aryan but yes Roli-Sid is one of the most unique chemistry and the best thing what I love about Roli-Sid that they are not conventional. They are out-of-the-box and I like thinking out-of-the-box.

Do not forget to watch manish in a totally new avatar in Sasural Simar Ka at 7:30PM only on Colors!

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