Must Read: Beginning Of Struggles For Sanchi On Savitri Devi College & Hospital
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Savitri Devi College & Hospital has started off with a very interesting storyline. The story got really interesting ever since we got to know the equation between Dr. Anand Malhotra and Jaya Mishra, and how he can’t bear the fact that her daughter, Sanchi would be part of his prestigious hospital.






This week the story will become even more interesting when Dr. Malhotra will try figuring Sanchi’s social media account from where she posted about blood donation.






Another intern in the hospital named Ria will be seen envying Sanchi for her good work, especially when she will be appreciated by Dr. Kabir and would be allowed to do a surgery with him. Dr. Kabir, who is also a blue-eyed guy of the hospital.  Ria would come up with different ways to put Sanchi into trouble. On the other hand, prankster Veer, who is full of life will be seen around Sanchi quite often teasing her and playing different pranks on her.






Sanchi will also get to know about Sanchi Agarwal, who is unwell and bring her to Savitri Devi hospital. In the meanwhile, Ria’s plan against Sanchi will put her in a big mess and she would be fired by Dr. Kabir for being careless.


Veer will be seen asking Sanchi to come for a party or else he would reveal Dr. Kabir about Sanchi’s secret that he knows already. What is the secret, can you guess?






Well, life doesn’t seem to be easy for Sanchi.






Do watch Savitri Devi College & Hospital Mon-Fri at 6 PM to know what’s going to happen next!

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