Munna orchestrates Navika and Beera’s wedding! Na Bole Tum-2 Weekly Recap 19th-25th June
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At Vyas house, everyone was tensed as Beera had not arrived with the baraat and there was no sign of the baraat being on the way. Ragini tried telling the truth to Mohan but was stopped by Daddaji. After she failed to convince Beera about marrying Navika, she changed tack and convinced Beera and Daddaji to dump Navika during the wedding, so that they could see the humiliation with their own eyes. (Watch as Daddaji and Beera decide to take the baraat)

Munna was happy to know that the baraat was coming, and entered Vyas house, where he got emotional on seeing all the elders of the Vyas house. Addu was distraught on seeing Munna and tried telling Mohan that he was Addu, and Mohan consoled him.

Mohan met Munna and took him to meet Navika, who thanked him for reuniting her with her brother, and Mohan declared that he was like her younger brother. Mohan also made Navika tie a turban around Munna’s head, and Munna had a hard time controlling his emotions. (Watch the brother-sister bond here)

When the baraat arrived, Mohan made Munna welcome Beera as Addu was agitated on seeing Daddaji. Munna also warned Daddaji about Beera turning back on his promise, but Daddaji was confident about his grandson. (Watch as the Daddaji and Mohan’s family clash)

When the Jaimala ceremony began, Daddaji’s cronies picked Beera up, and taunted Navika’s family about not having the strength to compete with them. Tannu failed to pick Navika up, that’s when Mohan asked Munna to go ahead and help his sister, which Munna did easily. (Watch as Munna helps his sister)

Mohan sweetly requested Rimjhim to allow him to be Navika’s ‘papu’ for a day during the kanyadaan, to which Rimjhim immediately agreed as she would get to see Mohan and Megha as a couple. 

After the kanyadaan, the pheras began, with Munna playing the bride’s brother again. Just as Daddaji explained the plan of having an empty sindoor box to humiliate Navika, Mohan congratulated Munna on his sister’s wedding, making Munna realize that Mohan had found out the truth about him being Addu. Munna walked out in a fit of rage, and Mohan tried to reason with him. But he was shocked as Munna revealed Beera’s plan to him and asked him to save Navika’s life. (Watch as Munna warns Mohan)

When Megha showed him the empty sindoor box, Mohan’s worst fears were confirmed and he went up to the mandap and declared that the wedding was off. He grabbed Beera’s collar and berated him for breaking his trust, but Navika stopped him. (Watch the confrontation here)

She tried to pacify Mohan by telling him that she trusted Beera completely and that he would do no wrong to her. Megha sided with Mohan, but Navika asked Mohan to trust her love, and let her marry Beera. (Watch as Navika defends her love)

Finally, she turned to Beera and completed the remaining pheras, and when she asked Beera to apply the sindoor, Beera did as he was asked in a trance, shocking Daddaji and his cronies. (Watch as Navika’s love wins over Beera’s revenge)

Mohan finally blessed the newly wedded couple in a state of confusion, while Megha was happy to see the couple finally married.

Munna is happy after the failure of Beera’s plan. But how will it affect the rest of the family? Will Mohan be convinced about Beera’s intentions or will his suspicion continue?

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