Mukta unsure about Vishnu’s motives. Weekly Update (27th Dec to 2nd Jan)
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The week began with Tej fiddling with Tapasya’s car brakes causing her to meet with an accident. Tapasya tries to manage the car but it finally collides with a tree. Watch here to know if Tapasya met her end.

Mukta goes to meet Vishnu, in order to find out more information about his background. While talking to him, a blank cheque slips out of Vishnu’s book which he claims to be his. But when Mukta picks it up, she sees the cheque to be in Akash Chatterjee’s name and questions about this to Vishnu. Watch how Vishnu tried to get out of this situation.

In Bundela house, police comes to enquire about Tej Singh and informs him about his wife (Tapasya’s) accident. Once they leave, Tej and Gunwanti start to celebrate but the moment is short-lived as Tapasya is seen coming down the stairs. Watch as Tapasya warns Tej in this video.

Vishnu is shown talking on phone, discussing how he’s ready to take revenge from Bundela family and will not forget his main motive. That moment, Veer enters and hears his conversation. Watch to know if Veer found out about Vishnu’s truth.

Mukta comes to know from Meethi about Vishnu’s daily Tai-Chi practice and decides to pay him a visit. She thinks how this would be the right time to see the scar on his body and to find out if he really is Vishnu. She is about to remove the towel from his arm when Meethi reaches there and finds the two in an awkward position. Watch as Meethi doubts Mukta’s intentions.

Tapasya hears Amla talking to Gunwanti about mixing medicine in Veer’s milk glass. She feels there’s something suspicious about this and corners Amla to find out more information. Amla reveals how Gunwanti gives non-prescribed medicines to Veer. Watch as Tapasya realizes Gunwanti’s game plan.


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