Mukta to reveal Akash’s identity in Uttaran!
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After nineteen long years, post several ups and downs and endless struggle, Ichcha and Veer are finally back together. While this chapter is moving towards a happy beginning, the next generation is going through the biggest dilemma. 

Meethi wants to marry Akash, who is faking to be Vishnu. On the other hand, Mukta has her own suspicions about the guy Meethi has chosen to get married to. Hence, she will push all her limits to uncover Akash’s charade and dig out his real identity.

In the process, Kanha, who has been helping Mukta to solve this mystery, will back out. Now the whole family will foresee history repeating itself as they feel that, Mukta is following her mother’s footsteps and just like Tapasya scuttled Iccha’s marital life, Mukta is trying to do the same to Meethi.

But, the allegation will not decry Mukta’s intentions and she will now go to Satara jail in search of truth. Mukta will get in touch with the real Vishnu and go to any extent to save her sister Meethi from getting married to a fraud!

What will happen when Meethi meets the real Vishnu? Will she be able to convince her family, or the family will tag her as the next Tapasya. Well, wait and watch!


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