Mukta and Akash team up!
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  • September 27, 2013
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With oodles of confidence, an upbeat style quotient and an agenda to win over his love, Akash entered Bundela house this week. 

In the coming episodes it would be seen that Akash join hands with Mukta in order to get back Meethi. It’s a bit too early for us to say what direction this new alliance will take. When contacted Sreejita who plays Mukta, she assured us that there would be a lot of drama happening in the show but refrained herself to reveal where this is heading.  

To teach Vishnu and Meethi a lesson and make them envious, Mukta and Akash might also fake being romantically involved. When we asked Sreejita on her chemistry with Mrunal, she told us that she shares a great rapport with Vishnu instead. 

Excited with the role reversal that is going to happen for Mukta she says, “From a selfless sacrifice ki devi my character will shape up to one determined lover who fights for her love. This will indeed spice up the show and hike up the drama.”

Well it would be thrilling to see up to what extent Akash and Mukta go to win back their love. But one thing is for sure, that with them teaming up, they would definitely guarantee loads of masala, twists and turns. 

Stay tuned to this space, to know what happens next.

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