Mr. X is has a plan.
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With a series of events going on in the lives of Deep, Tara and Arohi, this week on Ishq Mein Marjawan is something you cannot miss! Deep and Abhimanyu overpower Virat and Upasana and eventually escape from there. By now, we see that Deep and Abhimanyu are ready to settle their score with each other. Simultaneously, Aarohi now has a plan in place to kill Deep. On reaching Mr. X’s party, Aarohi attempts to kill Deep. Will she be successful this time?

Going forward, she also spots Vasundhara with Mr. X. The two of them are seen speaking and just then, Aarohi is informed that Deep’s secret will be out soon and post that he will die! What does Aarohi do now? What’s next on her plan? Tune in to Ishq Mein Marjawan from Monday to Saturday ay 7:30 pm.

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