Monkey Business!
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The modern house housemates wake up to the song, ‘Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba’ describing their stay in the house perfectly. Simultaneously in the rural house, Imam is seen discussing, how at the age of sixteen he stood firm by his decision in front of his father and can do the same with Bigg Boss as well if he is not heard. He continues to say that he is very excited to be a part of the game and that he knows he will come out as a winner.

He then admits that he talks in a manner wherein each person around him opens up and portrays their true character. Aashka replies back and the two have an argument when Aashka tells Imam that he should at times quietly listen to others too if he wants to be heard.

Next, the Luxury Budget task is announced in the modern house where all the hosuemates are to enact a ‘Shikari and Prani’ act. A few members are asked to be animals and a few are wardens of the zoo. The wardens are supposed to take charge of each animal. During the task, Rajev is seen commenting on each animal in the cage when Niketan, Karishma and Mink start talking about him and how he is always commenting on others and talking non-stop. At one point, Rajev is going to punish Karishma and by mistake his whip hits Mink, and the two end up having a heated argument. Rajev shouts at Mink, and then Karishma gets involved too and says that he is extremely rude and insensitive. Karishma loses her cool since Rajev had not helped her sweep the floor when she was sick and was instead shouting at her. Delnaz and Urvashi try to make peace but Rajev instead shouts back at Urvashi. 



Meanwhile in the rural house Imam continues with his antics telling the two how he is putting up with the two of them because of the task. To this Aashka replies that he should atleast not taunt while eating food that she has prepared and the two end up imitating each other. Later, Aashka and Nirahua are then seen talking about how Imam has never seen so many cameras before and hence is doing all this in desperation. In a while Imam realizes that he has done wrong and apologizes to Aashka.

In a while Imam dresses uplike a tiger and tells Nirahua that they have been paid to play a game and entertain all. He however ended up going a little overboard by hiding Aashka’s things, which further aggravated her anger. Her personal comment to Imam made him lose his cool and he said that he either wants an apology or he would want to quit the show. Even after Aashka apologizes, he refuses to go back in and destroys the house property adamantly saying he wants to leave. 

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