Monalisa melts into tears on Bigg Boss 10!
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  • December 19, 2016
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UC Broswer victory for the contenders who won the task has sent a shock down their spine with the relevations made on the video clips. 
Mona and Gaurav, who were recently seen bonding on the show, hit a chord of dispute today. 
Mona tells Gaurav that how can he be so narrow minded to make such snide remarks. The housemates also pool in their thoughts on this and speak to him. Manu says there is a way to say things and Gaurav's way of going about it is unacceptable. 
As a result of this temper war and her image in the house, Monalisa breaks down on Bigg Boss 10 tonight. 
What will happen next? Will this episode change everything between Mona and Gaurav? Watch at 10.30 pm tonight to know more.
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