Moments When Curiosity Reached Its Peak
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  • March 22, 2017
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The Red carpet episodes last weekend were absolutely mind blowing, for they did not just give a package of thorough entertainment, the episodes also built up immense curiosity for the viewers which were quite interesting to watch.




Nobody could have imagined the episodes would be that exciting! Finally, the time has come when every week we will have someone or the other leaving the show. But before that let’s have a recap; what happened in the last weekend. Let’s go back to those moments when we remained at the edge of our seats.


Nitin Nayak Vs Rakshita Suresh – In the Saturday episode, the first 8 out of the 16 contestants competed with each other. Certainly the fear was the red chair that was introduced. Rakshita Suresh got 67% of votes and got seated on the red chair as she scored the least. She couldn’t beat anyone almost till the end, however Nitin Nayak was the last performer of the evening and that was the moment when everyone thought whether Rakshita would win or lose. The anxiousness heightened when Nitin started singing, eventually he could score 79%. Rakshita Suresh, became the first of the top 16 contestants who got eliminated.




Diljot Qawwali Group Vs Jidnesh Vaze – The jaws dropped when there was a tie between Diljot Qawwali Group and Jidnesh Vaze, in the Sunday episode of Rising Star. They both received 88% of votes. The decimal difference between the two had to be taken into account eventually, and as per that; Diljot Qawwali received 88.75% of votes whereas Jidnesh Vaze got 88.24%.




Raagdeep Vs Shreyasi Bhattacharya – Raagdeep had to beat Shreyasi’s score of 81%, only then the group could stay on the show for further rounds. Even after giving a wonderful performance, Raagdeep could fetch only 76% of votes, however Bannet Dosanjh was still the last performer of the evening and Raagdeep still had hopes. The moment Bannet started singing the votes started pouring in as he sang exceptionally well. In fact Bannet became the top scorer out of all the top 16 contestants. Due to this Raagdeep got eliminated.




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