Moments on ‘Rising Star’ that moved us
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Rising Star is the kind of show that induces a range of emotions from the audience with moments of nail biting tension, laugh out loud humour, frenetic energy and touching instances. There have been moments which have been absolutely heart rending or moving in a way that touched everyone’s souls. Here are some such moments –


There were salutes abound as everyone thanked both Vikramjeet and his fellow army men who connected LIVE through video chat for their service to the country. Vikramjeet’s fellow comrades praised his performance and told him he made them extremely proud.


G. Ritesh from Hyderabad told the hosts and experts that his family in Hyderabad were probably watching his performance on television but wouldn’t be able to vote for him since they did not own a smartphone. Later, he connected with his family through LIVE video chat and was extremely elated to see that his dad was holding a smartphone. The joy that moment gave him was extremely delightful to watch.


Ashwini Koul from Phillaur, Jalandhar was crushed as votes stopped coming in when he was just a mere 2% away from being a wall raiser. He had a hard life growing up. His father passed away and Ashwini became his family’s hope as they sacrificed a lot to see him succeed in life. The experts encouraged him and told him that this was not the end and it was an extremely tough call as they have to be honest with their decisions and can’t let emotions get in the way even though it is really hard for them. Diljit Dosanjh looked especially disheartened. Shankar Mahadevan even told Ashwini to get in touch with him if he ever needed help with improving his skills.


The video clip where contestant Shahzan Mujeeb, the 23 year old mentioned he got only 2 years from his father to prove himself for his dream of singing. Or else he would be asked to work in his father's business. What became more heart touching was the fact that the wall didn't go up for Shahzan Mujeeb, the experts got in a fix. They requested for an extra time to come to a conclusion. However even the experts couldn't help in increasing the voting percentage in the end.










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