Moments of Tiff between Ritika and Ishani
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  • August 18, 2015
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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi fans have witnessed a hard core rivalry between the ladies of the show Ritika and Ishani. The leading lady Ishani has been trying hard to expose Ritika, who has been ruling RV’s life for some time now.

The tussle intensified when Ritika and Ishani had to face a seven day challenge in one sequence.

The epic war for RV – The whole rivalry has one end point – RV. Both of them wish to get into RV’s life and are fighting tooth and nail over who will win RV’s heart and be his wife. Ritika’s jealousy has paved way for all sorts of bitter moments in their lives.

Chirag’s murder mystery– Chiraag proved to be a problematic character in both Ishani and Ritika’s life. His murder mystery is one reason why Ritika and Ishani are always behind each other. While Ritika carried Chiraag’s kid, Ishani wished to expose her for the same.

Planning Ishani’s murder– Ritika has tried all sorts of things to swipe Ishani out of her way. She went to an extent of trying to kill her and in the process lost her own child. We have seen every possible ways in which Ritika has harmed Ishani like putting fire to her clothes.

Seeking revenge on her mother’s death– Ishani has been trying to reveal the dark side of Ritika’s personality. One of her evil doings include Ishani’s mother’s death. It was not an accident how Falguni died but a well planned and executed murder. 

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