Moments from Bajirao Mastani that define Deepika and Ranveer’s chemistry
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Ranveer and Deepika's chemistry in the movie Bajirao Mastani is absolutely scintillating. You have got to see it, to believe it! For if it wasn't for their heart wrenching chemistry and the lovelorn look in their eyes, the characters of Bajirao Mastani wouldn't have translated onto the screen in such a convincing manner. Here is a look at some of the scenes from the movie that showcase the chemistry between Deepika and Ranveer and make this movie a definite watch for all the diehard romantics.


The first glimpse of chemistry between the lead pair can be seen when Deepika aka. Mastani is seen taking Bajirao to Bundekhand to fight the invaders. While riding their horses, there's a scene where Bajirao is seen catching a glimpse of the beautiful Mastani.  

Hari yeh chunariya

After winning the battle, king of Chatrasal invites Bajirao to celebrate Holi with them. Just before leaving for Pune, Bajirao gifts Mastani his dagger which in Bundelkhand is a symbol of marriage. Just before gifting the dagger, Bajirao is seen concealing Mastani’s wound by heating the dagger and placing it over her wound. This entire scene in which the dagger is gifted to Mastani is quite riveting.

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Mastani who follows Bajirao back to Pune isn't treated well by Bajirao's mother Radhabai who accommodates her along with the other courtesans. After the 'Deewani Mastani' song, Mastani is seen professing her love to Bajirao and expresses her desire to be with him. Bajirao is later seen crossing a river and on reaching an old ruin where Mastani is waiting for him, reminds her that he is already married and that she wouldn't get the respect that she yearns for. Bajirao for the first time accepts his feelings for Mastani.  

Last meeting

Just before leaving for war, the last time Bajirao and Mastani meet, Mastani is seen handing the dagger over to Bajirao. In this scene, Bajirao is seen making a promise to Mastani about meeting her again and is certainly one of the most moving moments in the entire movie and brings forth the emotional connect between the two.  

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