Mohan’s ‘Project Talaash’ brings a storm in his family! Weekly Recap 30th Jan-5th Feb
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Seeing Mohan after 12 years had shaken up Nanhi like never before and this anger burst out of her when she asked Megha what she would do if Mohan were to return. While Megha was upset for a while, she recovered and told Nanhi that she didn’t care for Mohan’s memories. On the other hand, Mohan too, visited the Juna Mohalla and promised himself that he would bring Addu back.

The next morning, Beera’s romantic daydream about Nanhi was interrupted by Daddaji, who taunted him for ruining his chances in the election by spoiling his deal for putting up hoardings. On Rimjhim’s first day of school, she was rude to Megha when she asked her to stop playing with her ghungroos. On the other hand, Nanhi was stunned to know that Mohan was her Editor, when he criticized her for coming late.

Mohan was livid when Nanhi tried to defend her sting on step-fathers and threw her out of his cabin. He also signed the resignation letter that Nanhi had written after talking to Megha. But she was confused when Mohan launched ‘Project Talaash’ to search for missing people. Megha and Rimjhim’s cold war continued as Rimjhim ran away from her kathak class after being laughed at for her dance.

Nanhi still thought that Mohan was playing with peoples’ emotions through ‘Project Talaash’. In a bid to cheer up Rimjhim, Mohan called up Megha at the school, but couldn’t speak to her, so Mohan and Rimjhim left to meet her in person. After Daddaji’s taunts, Beera went to Satyen Babu’s house to threaten him, but failed miserably. And when he vandalized his house as revenge, he encountered Nanhi and got arrested before he could run away.

At Rimjhim’s school, Mohan missed seeing Megha and instead yelled at the wrong teacher and drove her to tears! Megha, after leaving school, convinced Nanhi to work for ‘Project Talaash’ to find Addu.

After Nanhi’s decision, she’ll have to work closely with Mohan on the project. And with Megha being Rimjhim’s teacher, this family’s paths are sure to cross in the future. 

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