Mohan’s father realizes his mistake #Balika Vadhu
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  • February 18, 2015
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Tonight in Balika Vadhu, we will see how Daddu will take a leap of faith to save little Nandini while she is about to fall from the sofa in her sleep. Daddhu is able to save Nandini but gets injured in the process. On the other hand Mohan is rushed to the hospital after he attempts to suicide. Jagya and Dadisa condemn his father for pressurizing their child for studies. They made Mohan's parents realize that it is not right to push children for academics to an extent where the childen, in order to meet parent's expectations, succumb to it.


The incident will become an eye-opener for Mohan’s father and he genuinely apologizes for pushing his child to excel in academics and reassures everyone that he wouldn’t let it happen to any child again. This brings hope in Manoj's life and he hugs his father to resolve all differences.


Catch the episode tonight to see what will Dadisa and Jagya tell Mohan's father, that will change his mindset.

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