Mohan sees Megha for the first time, so does Guru! Weekly Recap 6-12th Feb
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This week, Megha and Mohan came 1 step closer to each other, and Nanhi took a step forward in her mission to find Addu.

After Mohan’s fiasco of yelling at the wrong teacher, Mohan sent a rude message to Megha asking her to treat Rimjhim better. This lead to an angry (and cute) series of messages between the two, at the end of which, both apologized to each other.

Nanhi paid heed to Megha’s advice and decided to join Project Talaash to look for Addu.

Megha got a surprise when Ichha invited her to Meethi’s sangeet, but had to tell her that Mohan and she were separated. When Ichha invited Mohan, he refused as he didn’t want to come in front of Megha and hurt her, but agreed when Ichha lied that Megha wouldn’t be there.

Nanhi acted upon her decision and apologized to Mohan, but Mohan refused to let her be part of ‘Project Talaash’. Her plan of eavesdropping on Mohan’s meeting too, failed, and she was insulted by Mohan who asked to prove her talent. For this, Nanhi took up a sting operation on Daddaji, for which she decided to use Beera.

Mohan and Megha both arrived at Meethi’s sangeet where Mohan noticed Megha and imagined meeting and romancing her. But when reality struck, he tearfully rushed out of the sangeet, where Ichha assured him that he would have a happy ending.

Beera, after getting Satyen Babu to put up Daddaji’s hoardings by strapping a fake bomb to him, tried to improve his image further by letting Nanhi interview Daddaji. In Rimjhim’s school, Megha consoled Rimjhim after she was laughed at again, and convinced her to try harder.

Beera was pleasantly surprised to know that Nanhi was his dream girl, and readily planned Daddaji’s interview with her. Megha finally made some progress with Rimjhim when she tricked her into learning the basics of Kathak. But just as Megha was making headway with Rimjhim, Guru saw her and convinced Rimjhim to leave the school.

This ploy backfired when Mohan insisted on meeting her dance teacher before she changed schools. On one hand, Nanhi was preparing to leave for Daddaji’s interview, Beera was planning to confess his feelings to Nanhi. Co-incidentally, Nanhi missed the bus to Reva, and had to take a lift from Beera.

With Mohan refusing to meet Megha till he fulfils his promise of finding Addu, he has become all the more determined to make ‘Project Talaash’ a success. To find out where this project takes the Bhatnagar family, we’ll have to wait and watch



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