Mohan dies for his family! Na Bole Tum Recap: 17th-23rd July
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After Mohan agreed to fulfil his condition, Addu returned home, only to be berated by Megha, who refused to accept him as her son. She splashed water over him and yelled at him about not being able to wash off his sins. (Watch the scene here)

After apologizing to the whole family, Addu told Megha about the hardships that he had borne when he was kidnapped, and Megha told him that she would forgive him when he repented for his sins. (Watch the scene here)

Mohan promised Addu that he would help him in washing his sins, and took him to the police station and made him help the police in return for a reduced sentence. Addu, Mohan and Nanhi helped the police nab the kidnappers and reunite a lot of families with their children, which finally made Megha forgive Addu. (Watch the emotional reunion here)

The Bhatnagars had an emotional reunion, and Mohan included Beera in the family too. But Megha asked Addu to get Rimjhim back to Mohan before the family could be complete. 

Addu then went to Rimjhim, who refused to listen to anyone. He told her that step-father, adopted father are all tags and that Mohan hid the truth from her only because she was a child and he didn’t want to hurt her. (Watch as Addu consoles Rimjhim)

Rimjhim was shocked when she was told that Mohan was Nanhi and Addu’s father too, and rushed to Mohan to confront him about him and Megha already being married. Addu also cleared the misunderstanding between Nanhi and Beera, and the couple vowed never to separate again. Mohan and Rimjhim had a happy reconciliation when Mohan promised her that this was the last time he ever lied to her. Rimjhim then went on to call Megha ‘Maa’, which made everyone very happy. (Watch as the family comes together)

When Tannu revealed the news of Aarti being pregnant, the entire family was overjoyed and decided to go for a picnic. When the celebrations were over, Mohan took Megha to their house and handed over all the responsibility to her. The two had a very romantic moment as Mohan teased Megha about him becoming selfish and thinking only about himself. (Watch as Megha and Mohan get some alone time)

On the way to the picnic, Megha and Mohan watched as the whole family sang songs and even joined in with their songs. Once there, the family had a fun game of cricket, which was interrupted when the lawyer came to meet Mohan. Mohan transferred all his property to Addu, after which Addu reminded Mohan of his promise to leave the family on Addu’s return. (Watch as Addu makes Mohan leave)

But Mohan was stopped by Megha and Rimjhim, who pulled him back into the game, leaving Addu angry and disappointed. Mohan, while trying to catch the ball, slipped from the cliff’s edge, but was caught by Addu, who held him up with his hand.(Watch as the family panics about Mohan)

Mohan was momentarily happy that his son had caught him, but was shocked when Addu declared that he hated him for separating his family, and that Megha would look for him however far he went away. Addu tried to finish Mohan for once by letting go of his hand, but Mohan held on, asking Addu not to carry the guilt of his death on his shoulders. (Watch as Mohan tries to help Addu)

As the family screamed and rushed to save Mohan, Mohan asserted to Addu that no one could separate Megha from him, took one last look at Megha, remembered all the times he had spent with her, and let go of Addu’s hand, plunging to his own death. (Watch as Mohan makes the ultimate sacrifice)

Two years later, Megha wakes up from a nightmare while on a train to Mumbai with Rimjhim. As she wakes up, she sees a man trying to steal from the train, and saves herself and Rimjhim from him. But she had to apologize to a scared Rimjhim as she was afraid something would happen to her.

With Mohan’s death, will Megha pick up the pieces of her life and move on? What’s in store for her? 

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