Mohan and Navika save each others’ lives: Na Bole Tum Weekly Recap 27th Feb- 5th March
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This action packed week began with Mohan saving Beera from Daddaji’s goons, with a little help from his employees. Inspite of Beera’s protests, he took Beera to the Awaaz India office, where Navika was in for a shock as she was expecting Mohan to quit his job, but instead confronted Beera, who she was supposed to work with (Watch the confrontation here)

Rimjhim, on the other hand, got a Kanha dress as a surprise, which Mohan and Rimjhim later found out was a present from Megha. This prompted Rimjhim to change her decision of leaving for Bhopal and practice to become Kanha in the Annual Day performance. (Watch the cute exchange between Megha and Rimjhim here)

After another child went missing from Indore, Mohan asked Navika and Beera to get ready for a sting operation that was to be executed next week. After the meeting, Mohan nursed Navika when she hurt herself after falling off her bike (Watch the father-daughter moment here)

On the day of the Annual function, Mohan came to Rimjhim’s school where Megha heard his name called out as Chief Guest. But before she could confirm that it was him, she was called to get Rimjhim ready as Kanha. 

On the other hand, Beera caught Navika as she launched the sting operation at Indore station without Mohan’s permission, and the duo pretended to be a married couple with a child. Their suspicions about the kidnapping racket in the waiting room came true as the sweeper stole the baby that they had brought with them.

Mohan had to leave the Annual Function before Rimjhim’s performance when Beera called him with the bad news that Navika was in danger after following the kidnappers. 

After Mohan left, Rimjhim was surprised to find that Megha was playing Yashoda in her play, and their heartfelt performance got a standing ovation, which made her change her decision of going back to Bhopal. (Watch the emotional performance here)

Mohan and Beera were attacked by the kidnappers but they managed to fight them off and rescue Navika. Navika in turn bandaged Mohan’s injured hand with her handkerchief, showing that she still cared for him. This care was put to test as there was another attempt on Mohan’s life, and Navika yelled ‘Spiderman’ to catch his attention and save his life.

Mohan was saved, but was heartbroken when Navika denied being Nanhi, and refusing to respond to his questions (Watch the heart-rending moment here)

To ensure that Mohan didn’t find out about her, she discarded her employee form from the records, but Beera retrieved it and decided to get to the bottom of this secret. 

With this development, we are at the edge of our seats, waiting to know when Mohan meets his ‘Chavanni’ after 12 years.

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