Mission Sapne Season 2: Meet Vasant Raut for whom Manish turned an auto-rickshaw driver for a day!
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To remain to true to one self is one of the toughest virtues in the world. In a world so rattled by instability, honesty is something that one rarely stumbles upon. Meet Vasant Raut, an auto rickshaw driver who has been driving the three-wheeled wonder for the last 35 years.

Vasant stays with his wife and two children aged 18 and 15 in a small slum in Mumbai. Raising a family in an expensive city like Mumbai isn’t a cake walk and the temptation can often take you off track. Despite having to worry about the loan that he has taken for his children’s education and for the rickshaw he now drives, he continues to hold onto the values that his parents have imparted him. Though, for some a loan of Rs.1.95 Lakh may sound meager but for him it’s huge but that has not turned him greedy.

We often hear from the people around on how they have forgotten their phones or other expensive belongings in an auto rickshaw and never laid their eye on it again. Once you hear what Vasant did, you might feel the ray of hope seeping into your heart once again. In April, last year, Vasant found a bag with Rs. 1 lakh and went straight to the police station to deposit it and found the very man who forgot his bag lodging a complaint. For his honesty Vasant Raut was felicitated by the police. This money could have changed his life, or at least taken away half of his worries. A man who just makes about Rs 500 a day, this was a huge amount. This wasn’t the first time for him. On earlier occasions, he has returned phones, laptops among others things which could have amounted to a little side fortune.

Vasant revealed how there are many rickshaw drivers around him who have progressed in life because they have cheated people and feels his honesty might be one of the reasons why he hasn’t progressed much in life. Adversities make people stronger and Vasant is a symbol of that.

Catch Vasant Raut this Sunday at 11 am along with Manish Paul on Mission Sapne -2.

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